Yuriy Pavlov is an artist working with photography, digital collage, sculpture and installation. The main sphere of interest - new ecology. At his works, he investigates human interaction with the environment, the boundaries of the transition between human's and nature's, referring to the ideas of new materialism and dark theories(Object-oriented Ontology, Speculative Realism, Dark ecology) as well as to myths and sacral questions.
Yuriy Pavlov (b. 1980, Russia) is a photographer, based in Saint-Petersburg.
2020 - Course "Object" by Ekaterina Vasilieva.
2019 - Course "Invisible cities" by Ekaterina Vasilieva.
2018 - A personal course «City`s autobiography» by Ekaterina Vasilieva, Photo School St. Petersburg photographer
Selected awards and exhibitions:
Group online exhibition:
2020 Online "Object #4", Wall-online
2019 Online "Invisible Cities", Wall-online
2018 Online "Sense of Place Exhibition", Wobneb Magazine
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