Newspaper "Object №4"
An anthology of photographic works inspired by the magazine ВЕЩЬ (1922 № 1-2, № 3) 
Idea author, curator, and designer Ekaterina Vasilyeva  
“We called our review ‘Thing’, because for us art is the creation of new things… Any organized work — a house, a poem, or a painting — is an expedient thing that does not take people away from life but helps to organize it… Quit declaring or refuting — just do things”.  El Lissitzky and Ilya Ehrenburg
Dummy 2021
Size: 30 см x 42 см
28 pages
Languages: English or Russian 
OBJECT № 4 Collective
Yulia Pavlova, Alexander Tatarenko, Olga Kardashova, Vasilisa Moiseeva, Xenia Fedorova, Lena Altshul, Anna Nazarova, Elena Govorenkova, Alla Konstantinova, Maria Kokunova, Yuriy Pavlov
The newspaper is available for order.
Dummy ''CITY' S AUTOBIOGRAPHY'' (2018)/Idea author and curator  Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Ten authors decided to write a biography of a City.
The first author read a strange book about the City and got lost in it.
The second author did not afraid to stay in the City for a long time.
The third author has been looking for Sun in the City, faithfully serving to it.
The fourth author traveled through the space and time in three different cities.
The fifth author found the places of power in his City.
The sixth author saw the City through a historical personality.
The seventh author tried to return to the City of her childhood.
The eighth author tried to escape from the City.
The ninth author created an ideal City - Garden.
The tenth author has created a museum for the City.
And then there were none.
Everyone disappeared in the City.

The city is not only an architectural space which is physically presentin our life.It is also a sum of the stories that it tells us about it self, the field of meanings which it creates.In the collective project" CITY's AUTOBIOGRAPHY" the authors interpret the concept of the City accordingtoind ividual psychological perception and construct its image depending on personal experience, memories or collective memory. The City generates various meanings, which through the personality of the authors find a visual realisation in ten different stories. Imaginary constructions  reflecting reality are becoming it themselves. The biography turns out into an Autobiography.  
The Dummy data:
Designer Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Sise: 23,25 cm x 31 cm
170 pages 
204 color and black and white illustrations 
Inside paper: Color Fine 150 gr                
Languages: English, Russian
Printed in St. Petersburg (Print Gallery) in 2018

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